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Early Graduation

What is Early Graduation?


Early Graduation will be possible for students who intend to move on an accelerated timeline through high school and graduate college ready before the typical four years of high school or age 18.

Early Graduation is a deliberate pathway for students that wish to move on when ready, receive a diploma from the district and be eligible for acceptance into a SACS accredited Kentucky public or non-profit two-or four-year college.  Standard graduation requirements (or credits) are replaced with other requirements. 

The regulation provides a financial incentive, known as the Early Graduation Certificate, for the student to support this action.  

The Early Graduation regulation is a result of Senate Bill 61 (2013) and is a companion to Senate Bill 97 (2013).


· The regulation goes into effect during the 2014-2015 academic year.

· Students in the Early Graduation pathway DO NOT have to meet the minimum 22 hours (Refer to Section 6 of the regulation).

· The Intent form must be filled out and entered into the Individual Learning Plan no later than October 1st of the year the student’s declaration.

· The Intent is not binding; students may revert to regular student status with the knowledge they have to meet the District’s minimum requirements and will not be eligible for the Early Graduation Certificate.

· To meet the criteria, students that intend to Graduate Early must meet minimum proficiency benchmarks for the four End -of- Course exams required for state accountability and meet CPE benchmarks for the ACT (English—18; Reading—20; Math—19).

· Students may take the state administered ACT earlier than their junior year as provided by the regulation.

Student Incentives:

  • Early Graduation Certificate
  • One-time scholarship award to be used at a SACS accredited Kentucky two-or four year public or non-profit college (approximately $1900).
  • May receive the equivalent of four years of (Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship) of KEES as calculated and administered by KHEAA for students who graduate in three years.

Things to Consider


· Is this the best educational option for my individual child?

· Does my child meet the minimum requirements?

· Is my child ready for college coursework?

· Is my child willing to miss participation in some senior year activities in order to graduate early?


When intent forms are submitted, action will be taken at the school level to assist the parents and students in planning.  Decisions will always reflect the best interests of the individual students.  Parents will be expected to collaborate with school leadership to create effective plans for early graduation applicants. 


Questions may be directed to:

Michelle Cash, Instructional Supervisor

Phone: 270-864-3377



Nathan Britt, CCHS Counselor

Phone: 270-864-3451



Nathalie Vincent, CCMS Counselor

Phone: 270-864-5818



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