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Champions Against Drugs

Champions Against Drugs  is a club dedicated to the youth of Cumberland County High School.  The club is designed to help young people see the importance of making positive, healthy lifestyle choices. The members of Champions are expected to be good examples for others in making good lifestyle choices and to promote positive change in their community. 

Champions Club Statement of Purpose

1. Underage drinking is illegal. I will not drink alcoholic beverages.

2. I will not ride with a driver who has been drinking.

3. I will discourage anyone who has been drinking from driving.

4. Unauthorized drugs are illegal and dangerous. I will not partake in the use of illegal substances and I will discourage others from doing so.

5. I will always buckle my seat belt when in the front seat of a car according to state law and will encourage others to do so as well.

Tulips On Campus

The red tulips you see around the schools have been planted as part of “Plant the Promise”, a reminder of our promise to our young people to help them to stay healthy and drug free.

Red Ribbon Week Activities, PSI, Kick Butts Day, Seat Belt Safety Check, Prom Promise, TATU and other various activities  

The Club is sponsored by the Cumberland Coalition of KYASAP, Cumberland County Family Resource & Youth Services Center